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Children home Nepal is a Kathmandu based childrens home which houses 11 orphaned, poor or underprivileged kids. Our primary aim is to provide our children with a loving and caring home so despite their unfortunate circumstances they can grow into honest and kind citizens of the country.

On top of this the home acts as a parent organisation for other local NGOs and charities that are in need of urgent assistance. These organisations range from monasteries, schools, other childrens homes and old age homes. We also have active projects that work to offer educational and medical services to street children, empower Nepalese women, relief to those affected by the earthquake. In this way we hope to have a wider positive effect on the local community.

How can you help?

In order to continue growing and help more people we rely on the generosity of volunteers and charitable donations. Please take a moment to get to know our children…

If you would like to know more about volunteering or would like to donate please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Email: orphanagehomenepal@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +977-9843719599


Budhanilkantha, Naranthan

44600, Kathmandu, Nepal

Children’s Home Nepal aka “Innovative Social Centre” charity.

sujanHello, my name is Sujan Pariyar. As Director of Children Home Nepal I am responsible for all the children and workings of the home. My father Mr. Ram Krishna Pariyar is the founder of this organization. Although I call myself Director I suppose you could think of me more as a long term volunteer. My job involves seeking out more volunteers to help with the children, managing the budget required to run this orphanage, and looking after the children education and food. Moreover I aim to raise them as honest and kind citizens of the nation.

I want our children home to help more children of Nepal. I am trying my best to make a global hand support network for children and trying to help as many children as I can. I suppose the next leaders of our children home are those children who I am helping now. I am just a helping hand for them, creating more helping hands so that when our children become independent they will continue our work for the next generation and help more children in Nepal.
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Our Projects

We are basically children home working for welfare of orphan, poor, and underprivileged children. Being working from many year we have now become parent organization of many local organization who are in need of help and assistance like Animal care, Monastery, School, Disable care, Old Age Home. We are also active on our project like Medical Internship, Women Empowerment, Education for street, Inxchan(Initiative to exchanging stored materials with other for free worldwide ), Earthquake relief work, Blankets donation for homeless and food donation for people affected by earthquake and reconstruction work.As we are working with many different projects, we are always in need of volunteer assistance.Volunteering with us, you will also get change to know Nepali cultures, language and food. We will always be there to help you on your sightseeing and introduce you more of Nepal and Nepali people.

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