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Your Help is needed in Nepal

April /25 /2015 Nepal has been hit by an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude.  Nearly 9000 deaths and over 20000 people have been injured. Many families lose their homes, many got disable and many children orphan, many tourist sites are broken ,many school has been collapsed.  From April 25 to May 25 , Nepal got more then 200 earthquakes and many many aftershocks.

From the date of earthquake ,we have tried our best to work for supplying needed things like food, medicines and tents.  We have reached to some other orphanages who are in need of help , providing food to them, spending times with them, playing singing so that children mind get divert from the earthquake tremors .

We have been supplying food and tents to near and other community , whoever in need of supports.

Right now, we are focusing our work on building temporary homes for needy peoples, who are really poor cant support a new home . Moonson is on the way ,and we have seen lots of families needs shelters.  We have completed making  50 temporary home in Ramkot , We are in need of volunteer support to make more homes .

Many tourist fly back to their country and some were left in Nepal who helped us for our work, but now their visas are going to end soon and we are in need of more hand support. This is the time to rebuild Nepal .

Our  budgets for supplies and making temporary home has been donated by our former volunteers of our orphanage but day to day we are in need of more funds cause there are so many peoples who are in need of help and supports.

If you are not  able to come to Nepal but wants to be part for rebuilding Nepal donates us so that your money can be someone’s home. ( Your every single donation helps Nepal )

If you are interested to come and give us your  support and assistance on our work, you are always welcome. We are in need of you.

  • You will be provided a room in our orphanage home, where you will be part of our orphanage family. You will meet 11 wonderful children.  Whenever you are free you can work with children, teach them English, join them on meditation, singing ,drawing,dancing and the most important sharing lots of love and laughter.
  • Day :- we will work for making temporary homes for needy and helping to reconstruct schools.
Earthquake relief volunteer nepal

Our Temporary home structure which will last at least 4 to 5 years

For making this temporary homes, it will takes upto 3 days and minimum 5 volunteers. ( $150 to $200 building cost depending on size of family )
  • Digging holes upto 2 feets so ,that it can support our bamboo structure. We have to dig 9 holes.
  • Cutting bamboo of size 15 feet for supporting Roof ( 8 bamboo of 15 feet)
  • Cutting 12 feets bamboo for side walls ( 12 bamboo of 12 feets)
  • Making bamboo walls all around home.
  • Digging mud and mixing with water to make paste of mud ,so we can put it on both outer and inner side. After covering bamboo with mud paste letting it dry for a day .
  • Putting roof of metal tin which will make home away form getting affected by monsoon rain.

some volunteers work pictures

Earthquake relief volunteer nepal

Volunteer helping on cutting bamboo


Earthquake relief volunteer nepal

Volunteers digging hole for putting bamboo

Earthquake relief volunteer nepal

Covering bamboo, making mud walls


Earthquake relief volunteer nepal

Volunteer putting roof

Earthquake relief volunteer nepal

Fun time in Volunteering

For volunteering in Nepal with us:-

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We are in so much need of your support and assistance.